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Welcome to Racing Quarter Horses

It is my hope to provide a platform dedicated to quarter horse racing here in Australia.  We have some very dedicated people breeding, riding, hosting events and supporting the sport that is making a comeback, especially in regional and rural areas.

If you would like to share your stud, horses for sale, information, events, articles, photos please get in contact with me so we can add them here.

At different times there will be merchandise offered for sale.

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Speed Horse Registry

Deb Lee of Birdhouse stud is offering her services to gather the pedigree information of your horses. 

Deb has an extensive knowledge of the sprint horse industry in Australia and can source the information of your horse, even those horses that have multiple names complying to multiple breed registry rules. 

For $20 you will receive a laminated copy of your pedigree as well as an emailed digital copy.


Email Deb at or

Phone 0438347343

for all

Quarter Horse


Thoroughbred Pedigrees

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