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Tez has put together an awesome website detailing the history of influencing horses, events and people of the Australian Sprint Racing community as he experienced it. 


Follow the link below.

Terry Chinner 27/01/09
Sprint racing from my earliest involvement, 1975 – 2009.

It’s been a long journey…………………along that journey I have been fortunate to have trained and seen a lot of good horses. Some of them quarter horses, some of them TB and some of them a mixture of both. The main stallions or sires behind these horses are the following and fit into numerous categories.

Category 1 – “Jet Deck Influence”

Jet Deck by Moon Deck - (Top Deck TB)
Was a champion sprinter in America. He sired many champions and siring sons in the USA. Some were imported into Australia and are summarised below:

1. Jet Master (imp) - imported by Willomurra Stud in South Australia. He had a lovely temperament and was a very versatile stallion who threw some great race and performance horses. His best race horses that come to mind were:
• Finnigan, Tweed, Donegal, Master Alamitos, Raging bull, Mighty Jet and Fantale.


2. Thundering Jet (imp) The next Jet Deck stallion to come to Aus was Thundering Jet. He was a syndicated stallion and probably the best supported stallion to come to Aus and most likely sired 5 times the number of progeny that any other stallion standing in this country. Even though he had choice of the best mares in Aus and produced the biggest number of winners to runners he never really threw a lot of champion race horses, considering his opportunities. The best of these were:
• The undefeated Battle Deck, Smart Jet, Thundering Eddie, Moon Drift, Pine Deck, Miss Ann Jet and Hassell On,


3. Savannah Jet (imp) – also known as The Ambassador (AQHA) who was imported by Kerry Packer, was a well above average sire whose best performers included:
• The unbeaten Sava Jet, 22 wins straight, who was exported to America and won another 5 races as an older horse from approximately 15 starts.
• Vanya Jet – won about 25 races. Probably would have won double that, if had been placed in races rather than being put into every race that came along.
• Savannah Flash – similar to Vanya Jet ran in everything and won about 20 races.
• Savannah Chick – owned by the legendary Ken Foggarty , Top sprinter and sire.
• Sir Wembley and his full brother Cash n Balance who won a stack of races between them.
• Last but not least, the filly Scandal who was out of the imported mare All Night Long – won the $80,000.00 in the Wandarri/Willomarra Futurity


4. Lion Deck (imp). Multiple race winner in the USA, $45,000 in prize money. Sire of:
• Lion Boy – Multiple stakes winning colt AA Futurity winner and SA Derby/AA Derby. out of a Eddie Barns mare.
• Lions Roar (Lion Music) – won numerous 2 year old races in Vic. Then campaigned in Qld under name of Lion Music (AJC) winning many races
• Lion Lady – out of Femme Fatale. Second AA Futurity. Winner of the AA Derby. Dam of Bellard Bird AA Futurity winner Belle Modelle Muti wins .Also dam of Anuther Belle who producer” Here To Go” recent Victorian winner.
• Cebu Duchess – Full sister to Lion Lady. Winner of the Toowoomba Sires Produce.
• Deep Image – Multiple winner in the southern states. Successful sire.
• Governor – Champion 2, 3 and 4 year old Vic and NSW.
• Jazz Set (AUS) sire of Speck’o Jazz (AUS) – multiple race and sire. La Miss, winner 6 races , placed 2nd to Easy Watch numerous times.
• Straight Lion – winner and successful sire of Glen Lion (10 wins).
• Fancy Lion – out of Kiptys Fancy (imp) AAA. Winner of the AA Futurity.


5. Anuther Jet – Sire of:
• Pinewood Lilly – champion 3 year old filly Nsw. Dam of Pine Deck Rummbling Jet (AA Futurity) Hassell On (10 wins) dam of More Hassells
• Another Bird – winner of 15+ races on TB tracks. Sire of:
o Model Bird – notable race horse, multiple track record holder and Australians leading sprint horse sire for many years.
o Sire of Bellard Bird, Belle Modelle Ala Mon More Hassells Destiny’s Fulfilled Barmaid Billie


6. Quintana Roo – the highest speed indexed stallion ever to come to Australia (SI 101). Sire of:
• Roo Boy - multiple race winner including Toowoomba 3 year old Classic and 2nd in Toowoomba Sires.
• Jet Linda – out of one of John Hoffman’s mares. Raced in western QLD. More wins that you could count and virtually unbeaten.
• Flasharoo – multiple race winner, including Gympie Triple Crown.


7. Jet Boom – threw many good sprint horses including Jet Watch who won the AA Futurity in 1979, but best remembered for siring superior performance horses.


8. Boss Jet – raced and stood at stud in NSW. Did not have the support of the breeders that it deserved.

Bar Deck (USA) by Moon Deck - (Top Deck TB)

Full brother to Jet Deck. Sire of Moon Rocketeer (IIU). Imported into Australia by Hood Brothers, Gympie, QLD. Successful sprinthorse and camp drafting sire. Top performing sprinters that come to mind are:
• Blue Swap
• Red Chico
• Blazing Moon


Easy Jet - USA

By Jet Deck and his best siring son. Won 1969 All American Futurity. In all, raced 25 times as a 2 year old, of which he won 22. In doing so, it proved not only his ability, but also he was a very sound and mature horse. He sired many top horses in the USA, many successful siring sons including Pie in the Sky. 3 of his sons were imported to Australia:
• Jet On Sam (imp) who was the sire of:
o Easy Watch – 13 out of 13 as a 2 year old including the SA and All Australian Futurities and winner of Adelaide Metropolitan TB race over 1000 metres. Easily the best sprint horse I have seen.
o Laser Jet – champion 2 year old SA and multiple race wins in QLD. 2nd $36,000 SA Krondoff wines Futurity.
o Flash Dance – Victorian Futurity winner. Won 12 races in QLD under the name of “Flash on Sam”.
o Casam – one of the best mares ever to race at Toowoomba .
o Easy Eddie – raced mainly around Longreach in QLD – ventured south occasionally. Won a swag of races and was a successful sire.

• Easy Dozen (Easy Azure TB).(imp/exp) Successful sire in both Australia and USA 3rd all time siring son of EASY JET with less opportunity than” Pie In Sky” and “Easily A Six” because of his time in Australia. Sired “Easily a Twelve” fastest qualifier All American Futurity. Sire of: in Australia
o Dozen Editions – champion performer in QLD. Dam of By My Side, Tacka and Chantilly Lace.
o Pacific Dozen – won the All Australian Derby at Caloundra and placed 2nd in the Toowoomba Sires Produce 2 year old Futurity.
o Azure Jumbuck – multiple winner on TB tracks and picnics (Pretty Woman). Dam of Like A Rock, Price of Love.
o Instant Reaction – multiple winner of 12 races. Fastest qualifier ever Toowoomba Sires Produce. Successful sire.
Legal Dozen – full brother to Dozen Editions. Champion Victorian sprint racehorse.
o Super Dozen – above average racehorse. Did not reach the potential that his breeding suggested. Produced the winner of the All Australian Futurity.


• Cudd Go See (imp) Sire of :
o Easy Charger (Watchim Makeit AQHA). Winner of 17 races 300 -1000m. Multi track and class record holder. ¾ brother to Easy Watch and ½ brother to Louisiana Spy. Out of ‘Watch Trish Go’ (imp ) (Tiny Charger)) producer of 3 foals to race 41wins.
o Jet With Ease. Mare and multi winner.
o Go See Boston – multiple winner

Category 2 – “Go Man Go Influence”

Go Man Go – (Top Deck TB) champion racehorse and sire. Produced many champions and ‘siring sons’ in the USA, 4 of which were imported into Australia and contributed to the good stock that we currently have here. These are:

1. Booty Man


2. Ima Go Man – sire of multiple winners including Ima Go Dancer who had 15 wins and many track records in Victoria in the early 80’s.


3. Giant Pass – the most under-rated sire to come to Australia. Race winner in USA as a 2 year old with SI 96, racing only 3 times beating home the eventual All American Futuriy winner in his last start, where he was injured and was never to race again. Best progeny to race in Australia were:
• Gianasia – winner of 15 races
• Triplicate Copy – winner of Krondoff $36,000 futurity.
• Bumblebee Bar – winner of 10 races in QLD.
• Spectacular Bid – multiple winner and successful sire.
• Louisiana Spy – winner of 10 races. Half brother to Easy Watch and Easy Charger.
• Bwana Simba – winner of 8 races.


4. Friendly Ten (imp) – sire of many winners including Go Friendly Go, multiple QLD winner and Friendly Meyer, multi winner.


5. Mr Meyers – USA. Is son of Go Man Go but never came to Australia. Sire of:
• My Sail (imp)
• Mighty Meyers (imp) – winner of All Australian Futurity and multiple wins including a successful race career back in the USA. Returned to Australia and became a successful sire of Smart n Mighty, Super Meyer, Misty Meyers, Touch of Mighty (dam of Fortune Cookie).

Category 3 – “Three Bars Influence”

Three Bars (TB) 1940 unraced, but a champion sire in USA of many successful racehorses and siring sons including Three Chicks, Triple Chick, The Ole Man, Sugar Bars, Doc Bar, Alamitos Bar and too many others to mention.

o Jet Along (imp) 1968 – bred by the legendary Walter Merrick in USA. Stood in QLD and sired around 150 registered horses, including Go Along, Jet, Flap Jet, Vapour Trail and Ballistic Jet, all of which were successful sires. Vapour Trail was best racehorse by far.


Three Chicks - USA
• Sired Chicks Boy Image (imp). Successful sire and producer of quality brood mares and stallions including:
o Blue Boys Image
o Chicks Cheetah
o Mr Moon Chicks
o Sir Chick
o Chicks Best Trick (sire of Chicks Charger, Demi Chick (winner Toowoomba Sires Produce) and Chicks Epic, winner of dozen+ races).
o Ladys Image – multiple winner and 3rd in the $36,000 Krondoff Futurity


• Three Ohs – USA by Three Chicks
Winner of the 1968 ‘All American Futurity. Successful sire in USA and sire of 4 horses imported into Australia, which are:

• Three Devils (imp) – out of Femme Fatale. Successful racehorse and sire in the southern states of Australia. Sire of:
• Three Dee – winner of the Victorian Derby and 2nd to Scandal in the $80,000 Wandarri/Willomarra Futurity.

• Three Ohs Jet (imp) – out of imported Jet Deck mare who stood in QLD under the AJC name of Banabola. He was a more than successful sire of sprinters. Half brother to top sprinter Tatanka Yotanka. Sire of Bettabola, Toowoomba Sires winner, Miss River Jet and Mighty Hy Bars.

• Three Ohs Chick (imp) out of a Moon Deck mare– successful racehorse and dam of Thundering Chick, Chicks Thunder, Jet Chick, Model Chick and the unraced daughter of Betchworth TB and Better Chick, which is currently in foal to Finding Nemo (USA).

• Qahatika (imp)- dam of 3 winners:
• Vanya Jet – winner of 25 races, multiple track record holder.
• Instant Reaction – winner of 12 of 20 starts. Successful sire.
• Bassatika – full sister to Vanya Jet (Savannah Jet). Winner of 1 race and 2nd from 2 starts.


The Ole Man – USA by Three Bars
Sire of Warning Flag (imp) out of Femme Fatale. Successful racehorse winning multiple races and sire of many sprint winners including Warning Bird and Inflight.


Triple Chick – USA by Three Bars
Sire of:
• Go Again (imp) out of Monita, world champion running mare. Go Again stood in Victoria at Medora Stud, Drik Drik, and was above average sire both in sprint horse and performance. Two of his notable sprinters were Monitas Chick and Danish Chick, the latter winning a heat of the all Australian Futurity in Canberra and running second to the legendary Easy Watch in the 1982 All Australian Futurity.

• Chick Dancer (imp)

Alamitos Bar – USA by Three Bars
Sire of:
• Dickie Bar Joe (imp) the sire of Bartase, Mr Bar Joe, Alamitos Junior, Bar Bid and Bar Course (First Course AQHA)

Connie Reb (AAAT) – USA by Sugar Bars (Three Bars)
Sire of:
• Sonic Jet (imp) - Sire of Sonic Shadow, 16 wins including Champion of Champions, multiple track records.




Category 4 – “The Rest”

• Azure Aussie (imp) by Azure Te (USA) TB. Sire of:
Barracoota, multiple race winner and dam of Destinys Fulfiled.
Real Fine Wine who had 14 wins and 18 places from 43 starts. $40,000 in prize money.
Glenwood Flyer – winner of 10 races.


• Hunch Bid (imp) by Tiny Charger (USA). Reputed to have been imported for $100,000 in the early 70’s. A great sire of sprinter and all aspects of performance. Some of his best sprinters are:
Thundering Scot
Hunches Hobo
She’s Ago (dam of La Miss, Glenwood Henry and Go Misty Go)


• Our Style (imp)
Tiny Charger x Love To Win
• Sire of 111 AQHA registered foals.

• Judges Pal (imp). Sire of:
Thundering Pal – 25+ wins and returned to racing after a compulsory layoff because of tetanus, to continue winning.
Winnies Pal – multiple winner and sire.
Pals My Daddy – multiple winner
Pals Jet – (Lady Wembley TB). Dam of:
o Cash n Balance – All Australian Futurity winner and successful sire.
o Sir Wembley – winner of too many races to count!
o Blue Boys Image – winner of 10 races and Sire.
o Super Trooper – multi winner.
o Lady Savannah – winner of AA Futurity heat.
o Lady Slot
o Seconds Away- dam of Tickin Away.

• Betchworth (TB) Aus. By Blechingly (TB). Sire of :
• Betchworth Lion – top class sprinter, many wins.
• No Slang – multiple race winner
• Miss Sugar Belle – top performing mare, many wins.
• Mystic River – multiple winner
• Better Chick –of Justazhot (Instant Reaction) multiple race winner and Barrels.
• Bar Charge (imp) by Bob Charge (USA), sire of Seco Devil.

• Eddie Barns (imp) – sire of the dams of:
Lion Boy
Lion Gal
Smart Jet
Mr Bar Joe


• Hempen Rambler (imp) by Hempen (TB USA). Sire of:
Hemp special – Toowoomba Sires Produce winner.
Hemp Jet – 10 wins, multiple track record holder.
Hemps Burnett – winner of 6 races
Hemp Deck – multiple winner and successful sire.


_ Tinys Patriotic (imp) 1971 by Tiny Watch (USA). Sire of 93 registered foals, including Tiny Phoenix.

_ There Goes Dusty (imp) 1972 by Rapid Deck (USA, by Top Deck). Sire of top performers, including Dusty Roads, Eat My Dust and Proud


_ Casey’s Fancy (imp). Multi Australian race winner. Sire of:
o Casey’s Luck (AA Futurity winner). Sire of Super Trooper, Fortune Cookie.
o Totanka Yotanka – Toowoomba Bowl of Flowers winner and 10 other races. Second Toowoomba Sires Produce Stakes. Sire of
o Sugars fancy – multiple race wining mare.


• 1977 FINNIGAN (Jet Master*/Chambery)
• 1978 Paper Tiger (Giant Pass x Chalani Cat Balu)
• 1980 Lion Lady (Lion Deck x Femme Fatale)
• 1981 MISS ANN JET (Anuther Jet*/Miss Ann Knot x Mr. Bar Knot)
• 1982 YEES THUNDERING FOLLY (Thundering Jet*/Cooramundry Chiquita x Wise Bid*)
• 1983 DUSTY ROADS (There Goes Dusty*/Goldscott Kalhua x Clover Tiger)
• 1987 PACIFIC BLUES (Easy Dozen*/Pacific Girl x Clover Jumbuck)
• 1988 - 1997 Did not run
• 1998 RARE EDITION (Model Bird/Dozen’s Edition x Easy Dozen)
• 1999 NOT RUN
• 2000 NOT RUN
• 2001 SECONDS AWAY (In the Slot*/Pals Jet x Judges Pal)
• 2002 NOT RUN
• 2003 BYMYSIDE (Kambea Thunder Chick/Dozen Editions x Easy Dozen)
• 2004 SERGE (Zeditave/Azure Star x Easy Dozen)
• 2005 Miss Good Speed (Mr Fitzjester (TB) x Cat Dancing Woman)

All horses are listed under Official AQHA Names
NOT Thoroughbred NSB Names
Some readers will be aware that during the period 1983 - 1993 (approximately) AQHA registered horses were required to register with the Non TB Studbook (NSB)
in a name other then their AQHA name. Non TB Studbook breeding system this renaming has created a range of problems for breeders of Sprint Horses in Australia.


Some of the more famous names to race in Australia are listed below followed by their TB Non Studbook and racing name.
• Pals Jet = Lady Wembley
• The Ambassador* = Savannah Jet*
• Jets Angel = Super Angel
• Medley Dainty Anne = Miss Lion


Thanks to those who have assisted in gathering information to check and correct the information in these charts - particularly Brett Abraham for his information on
the dual names used by these horses. Imported horses are marked with an *.


• 1975 TWEED (Jet Master*/Willomurra Butternut x Quarter Master)
• 1976 MIGHTY MEYERS (Mr. Meyers*/Kipty’s Fancy* x Kipty Doo TB)
• 1977 SWEET JET (Thundering Jet*/Bally ChimeTB x Ballymacad*)
• 1978 BATTLE DECK (Thundering Jet*/Willomurra Estrella x Jet Master)
• 1979 JET WATCH (Jet Boom*/Tiny Watch Miss* x Tiny Watch)
• 1980 FANCY LION (Lion Deck*/Kipty’s Fancy* x Kipty Doo TB)
• 1981 THUNDERING EDDIE (Thundering Jet*/Pegasus Katrina x Eddie Barnes*)
• 1982 LION BOY (Lion Deck*/Quarter Frivolous x Eddie Barnes*)
• 1983 EASY WATCH (Jet on Sam/Watch Trish Go* x Tiny Charger)
• 1987 CASH ‘N BALANCE (The Ambassador*/Pals Jet x Judge’s Pal*)
• 1988 MR. QUARTER MILE (The Ambassador/Lady Allegresse Tb x Rego*)
• 1989 HEMP”S SPECIAL (Hempen’s Rambler*/Jet’s Angel x Thundering Jet*)
• 1990 BATTLE LION (Battle Deck/Medley Dainty Anne x Lion Deck*)
• 1991 SUPER LEO (Jet Blues/Burnett Vale Dons Lady x Lion Deck*)
• 1992 BELLARD BIRD ( Model Bird/Lion Lady x Lion Deck*)
• 1998 CURRAJON CASEYS LUCK (Casey’s Fancy*/Royal Dozen x Easy Dozen)
• 1999 NOT Run

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